When the treatment plan of a patient dictates the extraction of one or more teeth, in more than 90% of the cases, we perform the placement of the dental implant immediately after the extraction, without waiting for 3-4 months,as this is a protocol that belongs in the past (and only in specific cases we choose to wait). With this advanced approach in our clinic, the total treatment time is greatly reduced and the patient has teeth on the implants 3-4 months earlier, having his aesthetics and function restored. Furthermore, the whole treatment is completed in less surgical sessions, as the extractions of teeth and the implant placements are performed simultaneously, and not in separate appointments.

And when the demands of the treatment plan are such, the immediate placement of the implants is combined with the immediate placement of provisional (temporary) teeth on the implants (see Immediate Loading of Implants). The result is always therapy that reaches excellence in quality and aesthetics, with the minimum time and without discomfort for the patient.



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aesthetic dentistry

The smile reveals all the beauty of the face and as has been said ... '' beauty is power, and the smile is its sword ...''

  • Aesthetic Fillings
  • Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
  • Periodontal Aesthetic Restoration
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Aesthetic Implant Placement

dental implants

Studies have found that the success rate for today’s dental implants is as high as 98 percent, with no or little discernable bone loss.

  • Dental Implants
  • Computer Guided Surgery
  • Aesthetic Implant Placement
  • Immediate Implant Placement
  • Immediate Loading
  • Flapless Placement

holistic dentistry

Our clinic is among the first dental clinics that followed the philosophy of the holistic approach in the overall health of the patients. . It is now factual knowledge that the human body does not only have material structure. Its energy substance is a lot more important.

  • Holistic Dentistry
  • Bioresonance Therapy