One of the most important aspects of the development of Barbetseas Dental Clinic was the choice of dental units. Keeping always in mind the patient's hygiene and comfort, as well as sterilization and ergonomics the top dental units on the market have been choosen. In our dental chairs the patients feel comfortable, while the doctors perform all kinds of dental treatment with great comfort, ergonomics and having everything where they need them to be.

With the dental units of XO ergonomics and workflow have been increased, since top quality dental care can be performed easier. The professional design of the seats are pleasing to the patient, as the angle of cutting instruments is such, in which the patient can not see or come in contact with them. Another reason why fear has no place in the Barbetseas Dental Clinic.

The dental units are controlled only by the foot pedal, so the doctor comes in contact only with sterile surfaces during treatment. All cutting instruments and unit handles can be sterilized ensuring a 100% microbiologically controlled environment.

The machines are equipped with the most advanced digital technology, with digital screens for display of digital intraoral x-rays, panoramic x-rays, Dental Scan slices and views from the intraoral camera. The patient is informed immediately about the problems of the oral cavity and the doctors have all the information available to plan and treat even the most complex and demanding cases. During treatment, the digital screens display entertaining programs, movies, documentaries, so that the patient can fully relax and each appointment can be a truly pleasant experience!


Dr. Georgios Barbetseas

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Andreas Barbetseas

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Ikaros Barbetseas

Dental Surgeon

Mrs. Marietta Barbetsea

Sales Representative


We're offering a full range of dental services.

aesthetic dentistry

The smile reveals all the beauty of the face and as has been said ... '' beauty is power, and the smile is its sword ...''

  • Aesthetic Fillings
  • Cosmetic Teeth Whitening
  • Periodontal Aesthetic Restoration
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Aesthetic Implant Placement

dental implants

‘’ In the hands of a properly trained and skilled specialized dentist they are a safe, predictable and most often preferred alternative to old-fashioned bridges and dentures.’’

  • Dental Implants
  • Computer Guided Surgery
  • Aesthetic Implant Placement
  • Immediate Implant Placement
  • Immediate Loading
  • Flapless Placement

holistic dentistry

Our clinic is among the first dental clinics that followed the philosophy of the holistic approach in the overall health of the patients. . It is now factual knowledge that the human body does not only have material structure. Its energy substance is a lot more important.

  • Holistic Dentistry
  • Bioresonance Therapy